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i found myself lost

i found myself lost amongst friend and foe moving beyond stars for something i know until one day a light appeared bright pushing against me holding me tight suffering not over moved to the sea wondering when i’ll find who i’ll be be no more weary long that i may i find myself lost yet [...]

i love christmas

i love christmas

we held gold dust in our hands

i love october

spent a lot of time running around today and only had my nikon for half of it. anything i look at in october seems like a photograph to me. everything seems so vibrant and crisp. and i dunno, but october just has such a moody feel, it’s artsy and beautiful. and i didn’t really take [...]

holy update

so here are my first few pictures in my project to take at least one great picture a day. i’m pretty happy with them, but think i’m cheating a little bit since playing around with almost any setting on the hipstamatic app makes anything look awesome. and i’ve not brought out the nikon yet, but [...]

snapshots and a fail

i discovered the coolest little iphone camera app ever. it’s called hipstamatic and it’s rad! here are a few shots i took while i was testing it out. pretty awesome, yah?! so i’ve already failed at my goal of taking an interesting picture a day for the rest of the year. but i’ve made it [...]

i wanna take your picture

i love photography. looking at images, dissecting the information in each one. and i have a camera that i adore learning to use. but i suck at taking pictures. especially nature photography. i think i may have an ok eye for people, maybe. so, in an effort to practice my skills, i’m thinking of photoblogging [...]

night sky

i want to disappear in to the sky tonight. study the shades of blue and black until i’m blind and fall fast asleep.


I suck at updating this.


i’m seeing the amazingly, wonderful, talented, pretty, super awesome, best ever kaki king tonight. i may pee my pants with excitement.