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Numbers go through my head constantly. They don’t mean a thing tho. I’m not a math person. I’m not doing math in my head. I’m just thinking numbers. Because I like the way they sound. The way six and seven slither off the tongue. Eleven. Turning 46 into into 64 into 6 + 4 into [...]

why i hate people…

On the way to work, in a busy area, I noticed a critter coming up at the side of the road. As I got closer I noticed it was a baby fox. It was unable to run off, though it was trying desperately. Now I don’t know what happened or how long the fox was [...]

blurring lines of reality

This is the third time now. Of course it’s not clear. I’m not sure why it’s happening, the same feelings, the same thoughts, slightly different surroundings. Always a dead body. This time in the bath. Last time on the bed. Always looking for something. No idea what it could be. Too many other people that [...]