i love october

spent a lot of time running around today and only had my nikon for half of it. anything i look at in october seems like a photograph to me. everything seems so vibrant and crisp. and i dunno, but october just has such a moody feel, it’s artsy and beautiful. and i didn’t really take a picture that captures that feeling. i shall keep trying.

so today, i spend the day thinking it was monday, since rob had the day off yesterday. so instead of going to therapy like i’m supposed to on tuesday’s, i went to pick up kalin and took the girls to play for a few hours at peekaboo. i was grateful that they had each other to play with as it gave me an opportunity to knit. after that, we drove kalin back home, just in time for kiah to get off the school bus. the girls played outside a bit while brett went to pick up his food from the farm. i snapped a few fun pictures while they were playing on the rope swing and running around.

kiah really shows interest in taking pictures, so i spent some time showing her the nikon and how to use it. she snapped some shots while i snapped some shots of her. notice how she has a hard time closing the one eye? hehe, what a sweetpea!

ella and i decided to go for a walk across the street when we got home to try and snap some pictures. it was a little dark so i didn’t have good luck with lighting, but here are a few shots that i thought came out ok.

not too bad for today. i’m desperately hoping i can find some time to just go out and snap pictures without having to run errands or drag a 4 y/o around. time is hard to come by!

tonight: catching up on house and knitting.

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