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i don’t know what is going through my mind most of the time. for example now, i don’t want 2 jobs anymore, i just want one, and i want the one that pays and that gives me weekends off. why do i keep going back and forth? am i fucking nuts? i’m pretty sure i’m [...]

meet the pretty…

kiah mae – aug 23rd 1:09am – 8lbs, 1oz, 22″ – and a perfect niece :)


i don’t want to eat meat anymore… seriously… i don’t like cruelty. i love all animals.

so very tired

two jobs makes me so very very tired… soooo tired. i’m not sure i’ll do this much longer. i’d really like just one. and i miss you, but i tell you that all the time. :) i don’t really wish for money or anything specific, i just want peace and quiet and happiness and time [...]

not alive, not dead

i’m pretty sure that friggin pony thing is finally gone. it hasn’t been out since the fence was torn down that day. i’m kinda pissed now, because i never got a picture of the freakish thing. and in a sick way, i kinda miss it’s creepy stuffed face hovering over the grass. i hope it [...]


jason seriously rocks. :D


so i like my new job, actually quite a bit. and i still hate, actually hate more than ever, my full time job. so now i need the part time to go full time so i can get the fuck out of this hell before i kill someone. getting out from under this job will [...]

so here’s how cool i am

after bitching about bitching about hating my job, instead of taking a new one, i add on another one! woohoo! i fucking rock! you are looking at the new part time assistant manager of hot topic baby. how lame is that? so seriously lame… any bets on how long it lasts?


promises that lead to nothing nowhere that leads to something shining there underneath the willow tree was a quarter and just for a minute it was that great thing you promised because that’s how bad i wanted it only it was really nothing and i was nowhere


i hate this job. i hate the way it makes me feel. i hate the people i have to deal with. i hate everything i have to do. i hate that i’ve been here for 6 years and i get nothing out of it. i hate that i wasted my time here. i hate that [...]