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i was running with you all night. it started as we were leaving a deli, looking for the car in the parking lot. people were walking over to where we were from next door. i saw a girl i knew from school, and she asked if i was leaving. i said yes. she mentioned that [...]

too much thinking

i have this tendency to think about things a lot. a real lot lot. and i have this current thing that i keep thinking about. and i wanna do something about it. but i don’t know what to do or if it’s a good thing to do or what it will bring. and all i [...]


“hurry!” she said. i looked back to see it coming closer and closer. we were running along the highway as fast as we could. it didn’t even seem strange that there were no cars in the middle of the day. it didn’t seem strange that we were being chased by a man and a large [...]


this is not the layout i want, it’s just the only one i can make right now because i have no idea what the hell i’m doing! :D omgkthx


there were like 3 dead deer piled up in a ditch this morning on my way to work. fucking sick. :( how come no one cares about the animals? it makes me sad. i wish that i could have enough money to adopt and care for all the abandoned, sick, abused, and homeless animals. and [...]


i can relate every word to you and every electrical impulse, feeling, relates to your skin. and each time we touch, i die, neverendingly not alone, being cradled. and all these thing bleed from me. what bleeds from you?


i’m no longer using safari. camino all the way baby.

new design

i’m workin on this thing so don’t be surprised if you catch it lookin bad.


little cotton nightmares individually wrapped in plastic, to show me that blood is worthless if it’s not being used for it’s purpose…

freak out

i have some serious things going on in my head. i’m freaking out. i’m obsessing about things and it’s making me act like a complete weirdo. i wish i could just get things out of my head. let them go. move on. it’s cyclic and i hate it.