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i’m desperate

i need new music. i need something to be obsessed with. i need something that i can get lost in. suggestions please please please. help me! i need more lovely music like avec, mirah, carina round, rilo kiley… i’m starting to need to make music. i can listen and become immersed in a lot of [...]

crooked little house

there was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile he found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile he bought a crooked cat who caught a crooked mouse and they all lived together in a crooked little house

i don’t feel so good

for the past 2 weeks i’ve woken up exhausted. and i’ve slept. but i’ve been so busy in my dreams, i haven’t been able to rest while i sleep. i’ve dreamt about work, about friends, about death, about feeling left out, about being in control, being out of control, being lost, being the first in [...]

sad world

it’s sick how people judge. and it’s sick how people can be so ignorant. and william grim is just as much of a fucked up person as nathan gale and he deservers to be in hell with him. it’s so unfortunate that people can’t look beyond the outside and realize that we are all only [...]

sad panda

i don’t really know what i am doing. and this is when i feel like i should. i’ve got all these plans and new things going on next year. new jobs. i’m terrified. how do you ever know if you are making the right decision or not? what if leaving here is a bad idea? [...]

sad news

Dimebag Darrell Abbott 1966-2004 this is really sad and crazy news. everything i ever heard or saw about dimebag was that he was one of the nicest people in the world. and someone walks up to him, while he’s doing what he loves, and shoots him in the head 4-6 times. i can’t imagine what [...]


crayons and coloring make me so happy. and now i have my very own fancy special coloring book with pictures that i can color over and over and over again because i’m loved. and that fucking rocks my world. and i’m luckier than you! i’m hoping santa brings me some fresh crayons!