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your touch versus death

in a time where words mean nothing unless they are typed, i found you, and you brought me nothing in return. typical. it’s easier that way. with wings broken on stars lifted, among the nothing in your eyes. nothings, patterned around everythings and somehow that makes sense to you. with your ribbons undone and your [...]

snowy saturday

it’s pretty, but after today no more please. clicky for large images

what the hell



i’m working on the new layout so a lot of the links may not function properly right now. should be working smoothly soon. :)

yay kitties!!

we adopted atlas this weekend. large and in charge baby! dakota is adapting well.

i hate pc’s

my site looks terrible on a pc. if you have a pc, i urge you to destroy it. buy a mac. hurry! i had a really great thing in my head on the long ride home and now i can’t remember it. i hope it comes back to me so i can write it down. [...]