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constantly i’m thinking of you. in your small box, with colors beaming from your eyes, like cartoon death rays, that bleed love, and simply, that makes me feel cozy.


I felt something *prick* a trickle of blood from my heart, because it all comes from there, you know? But from a prick should only come a trickle, and this warm river flowing from my heart wasn’t sincere, wasn’t a *prick* but a stab in the very virgin blood of my heart, no longer on [...]

fly away

Twice your eyes and twice my words are nothing but crazy and twisted. And shining there I found 42 little rocks that were perfectly molded to my thumb like I had been infinitely sitting there rubbing the stress away. And then when I was done the birds came down and took the words off my [...]

i woke…

…brushing snakes from my lips, startled

bears in trees

I keep dreaming about bears. They are always climbing trees. Really really high, like at the very top of the tree. The location is always my parents front yard. Then something involving cars or movable things of some sort always happens… Like cars racing through the woods, crossing over my parents driveway, going really obnoxiously [...]


I visualized it slicing open, like a tiny package opening to reveal it’s lovely contents. The warm blood soothed me, drizzled onto me like syrup on pancakes. And then I felt fuzzy, and I felt hazy, and then I felt the gust of wind shake the house..


suck me into the whites of your eyes where the numbness lies because the idea of tomorrow makes me sick suffocate and if I can’t breathe, feel, I can’t see tomorrow throw dirt over me lay me flat – look to the sky where swollen stars curb swollen needs – that mean nothing

strange fruit

Southern trees bear strange fruit Blood on the leaves Blood at the root Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees Pastoral scene of the gallant south The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth The scent of magnolia sweet and fresh Then the sudden smell of burning flesh Here [...]