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jenny lewis

i love rilo kiley and i triple love jenny lewis.

ten shuffle…

again… because my other one i posted at myspace. using itunes, your ipod, or whatever your mp3 player of choice is, shuffle or randomize your entire library and write down the first ten tracks you hear. 1. slow divers by jane’s addiction – kettle whistle 2. don’t go by embodyment – songs for the living [...]

busy busy busy!

new job, new stuff, new things, busy! soon the site will be located at the domain below and hopefully looking prettier because i like pretty.

my top 10 and a few extras

at first i wasn’t into the idea of doing a top 10 because i couldn’t think of more than like 5 or so, but once i got started i rediscovered a few things. so here goes! Datura’s Top Ten Albums of 2004 10. Walls Of Jericho – All Hail The Dead Classic hardcore and completely [...]