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if it was any more obvious, you’d bleed and i’d take you over and over through that space where you beg me not to go, again and time after time we sought nothing but silence and time after time i broke silence with my scream and 24 days later you showed me what it was [...]


you have to be completely nuts to want to live in the hell heat that sits it’s fat ass down on alabama. dumbasses.

in process

take me into the dark night sky, admire me, that’s what things have become take me out into the night, fill me with light, shine opposite the sun it’s the only reason i have for living, shining moon in the the dark night sky pondering the cut, shot, eye, rolling back, nesting in it’s home, [...]

let go

silence my lady head get girl out of my head douse hair with gasoline set it light and set it free

i’m in a constant state of unsettled, unhappy, unachieved, unbalanced, unpleased, uneverything and it’s just always bringing me down further and further. nothing is ever just there, nothing is ever just good. i’m tired. i’m lonely. i’m bored. i’m sick of the neverending cycle of this. i’m sick of the ever changing never simple things [...]


i’ve seen this house before, but it never towered over me like it did last night. gutted, empty, but left in a hurry. the windows, 4 feet taller, loomed over me, slanted, bright, blinding sunlight through the clouds. but it was night. she was there again, brought me to it, took me from it. i [...]