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so, here we go

hold on tight and don’t let go i won’t ever let you fall i love the night flying o’er these city lights but i love you most of all ..thrice..

i heart fred

[10:31] fred: olivia [10:31] me: fred. [10:31] fred: what’s with all the emo kid poetry on your blog? [10:31] me: i’m going nuts [10:31] me: and it’s all that comes out [10:31] me: :( [10:31] fred: Is this the kind of nuts that going to six flags will fix? [10:31] me: probably [10:32] me: when [...]


i long for the days of sunshine and spotted minds and time standing still in our eyes for some time now i’ve felt your fingers on my cheeks filling me with warmth blending our souls like the tides that blend the earth so i long for that day in time when i shine in your [...]

is this desire?

sometimes i simply suck at writing, but feel moved by music. music is the biggest turn on to me, in many ways. and so on the days i can’t write, i can at least share something with you that moves me, and hopefully in turn, moves you. Joseph walked on and on The sunset went [...]

busy bee

i’m so busy. my boss is out this week, unexpectedly. i’m doing her job and my own, but of course at my shitty hourly rate. but i’m gonna make the best of this. i intend on having a great week, accomplishing a lot, and being happy. remind me of that when my head starts hurting [...]

64 years

how do you face being alone after 64 years of love? how do you process your daily life, knowing that one day soon, your heartbeat will stop and your soulmate will be left without you? what do you tell that person you spend every day with at the end? how do you compile your life [...]

day like this

breezy, ocean side, i love this town each day i can smell the flow of the tide reaching out to me, reminding me to breathe heart beating with waves pounding begging me to never go home

bottom of the world

inspiration in the light twice with your palms open and your wild eyes, i thought you might understand, in the light but it seems the dark always overtakes the night

our hell

first went wrong is hard to find we’re paralyzed, we apologize our hell is a good life last went wrong, where’s my prize under the lights can we call it in? we’ll be on the road can we stop? when we stop my back will turn your face toward the fence what i thought it [...]

we were meant for ruin

deep in the dark of your mind, what are you doing to me? if i were a posable doll, how would you place me?