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misery business

i’m thinking too much. my brain never stops. and i never get a break from it, you, them, stuff. i’m daydreaming too much. thinking about this, that, what is, could be. but aren’t you kinda dead if you stop all that thinking and daydreaming? it certainly would be easier tho. nothing is ever easy. why [...]

crowd surf off a cliff

i’m having a serious emily obsession. how could i not… cursed with a love that you can’t express. it’s not for a fuck or a kiss. rather give the world away than wake up lonely, everywhere in every way i see you with me. crowd surf off a cliff, land out on the ice. crowd [...]


clar·i·ty – noun clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. when will i find this?

for you

and i cannot stop shaking because you cannot stop shaking and these chords they are trembling because your words they are bleeding and these holes in my hands are for you, just for you she called out to her maker to now be her savior my love, these holes in my hands are for you, [...]

i’d like to wrassle him!