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stupid ankles. :(

rainy afternoon

times like these make me feel tired i’m almost old, almost young left with no where to turn, with you in my eyes i know that you’ve been there yet you offer no comfort and i have no plans which leaves me lying on my back again waiting for the burn to take me over [...]


your voice is so soothing… convoluted words dripping from your lips and I live for this moment to not understand, yet to be understood these songs were written for you I hear you strumming the soundtrack to our conversation and I’d love to hear you sing, will you be my melody? do you think like [...]

plastic parts

Fingers and toes lined the glass table, like a sick gallery of prized posessions. I wandered around, choosing the few I liked best, moving them to reveal the eyes underneath. “Future parts,” I giggled and moved on. The fingers were my favorite, and the toes were next. The eyes that were underneath always made me [...]