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the internets

i’m having this obsessive compulsive issue with all my bits over the internet. blips here, twitpics there, flickrs, youtubes, status updates galore… it’s stressing me out. i think i’ll just post more here instead. need to minimize the stress.

my day is made

purchased. happy.

where is your christmas spirit?

i worked on the 3rd floor, in an assisted living facility. i didn’t know what i was doing tho. i remember thinking i could just get by, but then realizing the shift was from 7pm to 7am, i figured i’d better get in that little room and figure out if someone needs medicine. as i [...]

mother’s day

thoughts and regrets

i’m mad at myself. the past 2 years of my life have been hard. tests, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation… and i’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. i will be going in for breast reconstruction in 2 weeks. no more tissue expanders. i’ve missed the softer curves, but i’m still mad. i didn’t [...]

do you think i’m pretty?

i’m supposed to be working. i’m not. i’m supposed to be fulfilled. i’m not. what i am tho, is tired. tired of waking up. tired of driving. tired of working. tired of not feeling. this is not what i’m supposed to be thinking. after everything, i should be blinded by happiness. staring at the sun [...]

best day ever.

ahh, my teeth!

so now that i’ve had my ovaries removed, i’m starting menopause. at age 33. yay. anyways, it’s been fine so far, no REAL hot flashes, but lots of body temperature changes and lots of tiredness. i’m going to the store today to get my vitamins and calcium so i can fight osteoporosis. anyways, i’ve been [...]

cha cha cha changes

ella life moves so fast. ella is 2. talking non stop. loves to sing and dance and read books. she is up at 7am and goes all day. it’s so fun watching her learn and explore. and i love more than anything watching her and rob talk. it’s so cute and makes my heart all [...]