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my eyes are burning

i’m desperately trying to find organization in my life. i need to identify and align. i need to create and customize. i need to calm down, that’s what i need… i want. so many things. but first i guess i need to find motivation. but shouldn’t wanting be the motivation? i thought so, but i [...]


i need a new layout. i need to learn some crap. if things look funky, you know what’s up. :p


comment spam is really fucking lame.

be very afraid

from wwwd


“If you voted for Bush, God damn you. You have condemned countless thousands of innocent people to death with the punch of a chad or the touch of a screen. If you voted for Bush, you endorsed the torturers in Bush’s gulags at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. You deserve to feel every volt of electronic [...]


stupid fucking country. what the fuck is wrong with people? stupid electoral votes. it doesn’t make sense. and we keep falling for it and falling for it. i think we all should move out of this country before we all go down with it. anybody wanna join me?