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something old

2003-06-05 time is neverending like the needles you slip underneath the sheets each night i know you saw me cringe, and you grinned and then we went into that swirling world together… alone… time is always-ending like the pedals that fall each morning with the heaviness of the dew. and i know you saw me [...]


i found jamie. and i love her. and i missed her. and i’m happy. now i just need some time to visit with her. i miss having a bestest friend. i mean i have people, always have, but life is different now with family and work and all the adult crap. lately i miss a [...]


i keep hearing songs that remind me of you, even tho i don’t know you. and i talk with you about them in my head. telling you stories, bringing us together again, one more time, for the first time, every time. i wish i could seep into your veins like the music into our souls. [...]

i love good music damnit i fucking do. i need more too. please help. thanks. current goodness: avec

9 string bass

jean baudin is quite possibly the coolest man alive. very impressive. and a custom 9 string pac-man conklin bass?!! come on! it doesn’t get cooler than that. seriously now. btw, coolest man alive aside from kaas33n0 r4wb!! omgkthx mb!