cha cha cha changes


life moves so fast. ella is 2. talking non stop. loves to sing and dance and read books. she is up at 7am and goes all day. it’s so fun watching her learn and explore. and i love more than anything watching her and rob talk. it’s so cute and makes my heart all fuzzy.

since i got pregnant with her, i’ve had a horrid pregnancy full of hospital trips and kidney stones. i’ve been diagnosed with stage 3c breast cancer. i went through 6 brutal chemotherapy treatments. had a bilateral mastectomy and then went thru 28 days of radiation. had rapidly growing cysts on my ovaries which resulted in a bilateral oophorectomy, which i just had last week. in january of 2009, i’ll have my breast reconstruction.

i’m lucky that ella came when she did. she was my only chance. and i’m so grateful that i’m here to watch her grow up.

i think about that every. single. moment.

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  1. Man, that’s heavy. You’ve always been a fighter though, but can only imagine how exhausting it can be at times.

    Ella’s 2 already? My how time flies.

    eric | 7:04 pm on the 12th of November, 2008

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