ahh, my teeth!

so now that i’ve had my ovaries removed, i’m starting menopause. at age 33. yay. anyways, it’s been fine so far, no REAL hot flashes, but lots of body temperature changes and lots of tiredness. i’m going to the store today to get my vitamins and calcium so i can fight osteoporosis. anyways, i’ve been having really weird dreams lately. last night, i dreamt about teeth. my teeth were falling out. one at a time. the first that i lost was right in the front and i was devastated. all i could do was wait until i could get in touch with the dentist. as i waiting to get in touch with him, other teeth were loose and falling out. i picked one up to look at it and it was hollow. i was so upset.

when i woke this morning i was brushing my teeth and remembered the dream. i decided to google dream meanings and teeth falling out and this is what i found – “In the latest research, it has been shown that women in menopause have frequent dreams about teeth. This may be related to getting older and/or feeling unattractive and less feminine.”

freaked me out.

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  1. freaky! don’t worry. you know you’re still sexy! hehe.

    tim | 3:44 pm on the 22nd of November, 2008

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