why i hate people…

On the way to work, in a busy area, I noticed a critter coming up at the side of the road.
As I got closer I noticed it was a baby fox. It was unable to run off, though it was trying
desperately. Now I don’t know what happened or how long the fox was there trying to shelter
itself from the cars flying by, but I do know that A LOT of cars just passed by as if not to see it.
I got my cell phone and called in to the local animal control office so that someone would come
help the little guy. Everyone is so fucking self involved. So concerned about their little shitty lives
and their special fucking jobs, and fixing their hair while they drive. They are completely oblivious
to anything around them that doesn’t directly involve them. Complete disregard for nature, for their
surroundings, for the other creatures that we share the earth with.
I’m often ashamed of being American.
Now I’m starting to be ashamed of being human.

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