bears in trees

I keep dreaming about bears. They are always climbing trees. Really really high, like at the very top of the tree.
The location is always my parents front yard. Then something involving cars or movable things of some sort always happens…
Like cars racing through the woods, crossing over my parents driveway, going really obnoxiously fast.
Or last night, it was a car, pulled in the driveway and the rear end exploded. Left fire patterns all over the tar. Then these people, who I know,
and are NOT friends with my parents show up, and they pull in, right where the other car blew up, and their car catches on fire.
But they are just hurt. They don’t disappear like the other car. And so in order to get them in,
I have to shuvel all the slush, because it’s apparently snowing now. And then an RV pulls into the yard…

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