cannibals, hospitals, and faded black drapes

I don’t know what is going on at night anymore. I can’t even keep things straight.
I mean one night it’s cannibals and giant old houses, and the next it’s a hospital.
Which, by the way, is now a recurring dream. Well, not the dream, but the hospital,
the building, the layout.

A friend and I were in our new offices at work. We weren’t happy with the layout of the desks.
The sun was shining on my desk so brightly that I couldn’t even open my eyes. We went to check
out the other areas, but discovered we were in a huge old house. Like an old Inn or something,
but with very modern sleek glass hallways and hidden rooms. We went into the room beyond our office
area and realized that we could continue that process over and over again. Room after room.
I turned to look back at my desk in the other room and realized my friend was gone. There were however,
4 or 5 other people with me. I didn’t know them, but it felt like they worked with me. This feeling came
over me. We had gone beyond the areas we were allowed to go in the house. But instead of going back, I ran
into this huge reflecting hallway, with giant red carpet stairs that went on forever. I went up a few flights,
hearing screams of the others behind me, and then wandered down a long hallway. It was angled, slanted, bizarre.
There were glass vents along the floor, openings to the outside, allowing a brisk cold breeze to travel into
the corridor. I kept hearing crunching primal sounds. I was then laying on the hallway carpet, peaking outside,
through the vent. The air was so bitter it stung my face. Looking down I saw a man in old overalls. He was eating
an arm. He was hanging the bones on a pipe above his head. He would bite at them as they hung there, all meaty
and pink. I gagged and got up to run. He saw me. He couldn’t get to me tho. I was then in another hallway,
watching the legs of one of those other people I was with disappear by being dragged along the carpet. Then
the crunching again. I can’t remember much more. Just repeating that process of seeing something then running.
But at the end, I was in a triangular room, with a girl cannibal and we were laying together. In a box.

The hospital was huge. I don’t even remember why I was there. I know that I was trying to meet up with someone
because I had to catch a plane. Someone was leading me through nursing stations on different floors,
and people were getting angry with us for being in the way. At that point I realized I was working there, but
I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. Then I was by myself, and hospital hallway looked like a high
school hallway with lockers. I was looking for my room. But I was on the wrong floor. And I knew were I had to
be, I had done this a million times before. But I could never remember how to get back to the floor that I
needed to be on. Then, I was with my Dad. We were waiting for the flight. We were in this waiting area looking
for a place to sit, but everything was inconvenient. Instead of seats, there were secretary desks. Instead of
desk chairs, there were hospital beds. Instead of flight attendents, there were nurses and beeping noises. I was
where I needed to be and I laid down.

I was looking through drapes or sheets hanging on hangers in the middle of the store after being abandoned in the
mall by him. I needed to get home, but I had to walk. I was so tired and hurt. I looked for the perfect black sheet
to wrap him in, then left. A group of people walked with me home. We had to walk through an old mans yard. Someone
walked right over his flowers. I stayed on the cement. He left me at the mall. He left me. I was walking and walking
but not getting home. My feet hurt. I would walk a mile and move an inch. But I finally made it to the end of the road.
I walked down the road and found my Dad at the end of the driveway. He has cleared all the woods in the front yard out
to begin planting grass. I was shocked. He laughed at me and asked how the mall was all by myself. I asked where he was
he pointed to the house, saying he was cleaning. I went in, and found him. In our room. “I’m breaking up with you,” he said.
Was he really leaving me? He left. His computer was there. All the signs were there, and I went through all of it. And I
realized that I never had a chance.

I just wanted to sleep. I just want to sleep.

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